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RSW Technologies -eMiser Energy EfficiencyInjection machines with fixed pumps or a combination of fixed/variable pumps are always pumping more oil than necessary. The excess oil is returned to the tank over a relief valve and creates wasted energy in the form of heat. Our systems precisely supply the correct flow so that almost no oil is wasted and all goes directly to work in the machine.

Energy Consumption Curve of the Injection Molding Machine

There are four major energy consuming units in a traditional injection machine: the hydraulic pump, the heating unit, the cooling system, and the system & components control unit. Among these the hydraulic pump consumes the most energy; it accounts for more than 75% of an injection molding machine's total energy consumption.

The amount of pressure and flow required for clamping, injection, holding pressure, cooling and ejection stages are all different. However the motor runs only at a steady speed providing an equal amount of flow and pressure.

The overflow valve and the ratio valve adjust the excess pressure and flow that occurs at each stage. This process is also known as "high-pressure throttle" and it accounts for 40%~75% of the energy lost. To address this problem, RSW Technologies introduces an integrated solution that features outstanding pressure and flow control, low energy consumption, precision molding, and increased productivity: eMiser


System Features:

1. Superior Energy-Saving Results:
•   Lower energy consumption rate at the clamping and cooling stage while maintaining high productivity and high precision,
•   40% less energy consumption than variable displacement pump hydraulic systems.
•   60% less energy consumption than traditional fixed displacement pump hydraulic systems.

2. Low Oil Temperature:
•    Oil temperature reduced by 5~10°C; oil usage reduced by 50~60%; 50% less oil tank volume; lower cooler specifications required or even no cooler required.

3. High Duplication Accuracy:
•    Precise flow and pressure control featuring duplication of products with less than 0.09% difference.

4. Long Holding Pressure:
•    Keeps mold halves securely closed for a longer period for thick plastic products formation.

5. Fast Frequency Response:
•    Delta HES with permanent magnetic servo motor (PMSM) speeds up frequency response to 50ms.

6. Suitable for Harsh Environments:
•    Resolver is resistant to vibration, oil and dust.

7. Flow Convergence:
•    Saves cost on tubes, large flow capacity, enhances energy-savings.


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  • Hydraulic Servo Pump System
  • Reduce energy consumption 50-80%
  • Replace less efficient motors & pumps
  • Remove costly proportional valves
  • Easier troubleshooting means less downtime
  • More precise control of the machine
  • Extend the life of existing machines
  • Incentive money may be available from energy provider
  • Low interest loans may be available from energy provider


What are the benefits of energy saving products?

  • Energy savings 30-80%
  • Water cooling reduction 30-80%
  • Main amperage draw reduction 15-40%
  • Power factor increased up to 96% typical
  • Noise reduction
  • Maintenance & oil leaks dramatically reduced

is a game changer!

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